Discover a Life of Growth, Fulfilment and Purpose

There’s good news! You can change your life quicker and more easily thank you think.  You don’t have to let your past or present situation keep you from having the life you want. You can take those challenges, face them with confidence, and use them to transform your life into one full of meaningful growth and fulfillment.


Get Clear About Your Future and Move Beyond Your Fear

As your coach, I work directly with you in all areas of your personal and professional life, guiding you through any current challenges, help you realign and focus on your priorities, inspire you to pursue your dreams, and engage your strengths to overcome any obstacles–all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Nothing excites me more than the possibility of connecting with you and seeing your visions for life transform from dreams into reality. My background in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming has positioned me to equip you with proven and effective methods for change.


Coaching at Your Convienence

Your time is precious and you should be spending most of it experiencing the best in life. Recognising this, I’ve made the coaching process as easy and convenient as possible.

I’m available to you regardless of location or time zone. We’ll discuss your specific needs, where you’re at now, how you want to change, and how I can help you get there.  Sessions run via Skype or telephone.


Schedule a Coaching Session Today!

With each session, you’ll also receive a complimentary follow-up call. In this, we’ll review and evaluate your progress and see what the next steps are. This holds you accountable to your initial goals, helps you commit to the changes, and keeps you focused on continued progress.

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Get Ready to Make the Most of Your Life

Book your Coaching SessionPrepare to engage in a level of growth, freedom and positive change that will reinvigorate you.  You have everything to gain.  Now’s the time to book a coaching session.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Sinead Duffy
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist & NLP Personal Achievement Coach
Monaghan, Ireland.