I believe each human being has the potential to change, to transform one's own attitude, no matter how difficult the situation
Dalai Lama

Can a Book Actually Change Your Life?

By Sinead Duffy 20th August 2012

Can a Book Actually Change your LifeEach year, millions of people search for the perfect book—one that will stimulate their imaginations and inspire new courses of action. Thousands of self-help books offer the ‘secrets’ of fulfilment, happiness, success, and prosperity. Many people can think of a book that has impacted their lives by making them think and behave differently. Books have helped transform careers, end relationships, improve health, launch businesses, boost productivity, increase income and much more. All through reading!

The ideas, tips, and techniques I’ve gleaned from books over the years have been invaluable. The power of an author’s words, experiences and conversations enlightens and motivates me to implement their prudent advice and practical suggestions. For that reason, I love to recommend books I’ve found insightful, thought-provoking, and inspiring.

Yet even though I’ve received emails from people all over the world looking for the one book that will ‘change their lives,’ I’m reluctant to make a one-size-fits-all suggestion. I don’t believe there is one such book. It depends on what’s happening in your life right now and what outcome you really want. A book won’t change your life. You have to accomplish that for yourself.

Where you are today is a direct result of your past decisions and actions. If you want your life to change in some way, you have to start making new decisions and taking new courses of action.
Read as much as possible and learn from others who have already accomplished what you want in your life. Books can enrich your experiences, alter your perceptions, and steer you in new directions—if you allow them. A book can’t change your life by itself, but it can give you all the advice, strategies, and techniques necessary to make those changes yourself. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make your life into the one you want to live.

What book has made a lasting impact on your life? Why?