I believe each human being has the potential to change, to transform one's own attitude, no matter how difficult the situation
Dalai Lama

3 Counterintuitive Habits of Successful People

By Sinead Duffy 23rd July 2012

3 Counterintuitive Habits of Successful PeopleSuccessful people know what they want and they usually get it thanks to a life filled with positive habits. These great habits include being focused and disciplined about shaping their life just as they want it. As you may expect, they are usually goal-focused, adaptable, and willing to learn. Interestingly, they also have habits that you might not expect. I call these “counterintuitive habits” as they are simple but not always obvious.


1.       They listen to their hearts, not their heads.

Fast and effective decision-makers often trust their intuition over their intellect. Their gut feelings guide them long before their brains have a chance to figure things out.

Tip- Your intuition serves you well. Learn to trust it, and it will be faithful to you, providing insight and keeping you safe.


2.       They aim to be their best (not perfect).

They regularly strive for new heights, growing, developing, and unleashing potential along the way. They choose shorter, more direct paths to their goals rather than getting engrossed in perfecting the finer details. They are not frightened of imperfection or revealing flaws, but are more focused on achieving what they want in life.

Tip- Learn to focus on being your best without being caught up in illusions of perfection.


3.       They embrace their mistakes.

They forgive their  weakness, faults, and mistakes and move on knowing that they are gaining invaluable experience for the future.

Tip-Give yourself the freedom to make mistakes, learn from them and move on.


Begin to nurture your counterintuitive habits. Use your intuition, be your best without forcing perfection, and make mistakes freely while continuing to learn from them.

Which counterintuitive habit would you like to work on in your own life?